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A family farm with a vision to create new ways of growing, living, and working.

Life In The Post Industrial Era

To support the continuation of life during the great transition, we are in, we believe that building self-sufficient and resilient communities that are founded on ecologically regenerative agriculture is the most important thing we can do right now.

Guided by the concepts of Permaculture Design, Regenerative Agriculture, 8 Shields and Buddhism, we are developing a regenerative farm for the post fossil fuel era. 

Life in the post industrial era will use much less energy and will depend much more on the local region and community, much like how our pre-industrial ancestors lived. But unlike our ancestors, who had healthy and abundant ecosystems to rely on for their sustenance, we will have to survive together on a planet stripped of its natural resources, filled with pollutants, destabilized by climate change and undergoing widespread ecological collapse.

The challenges facing humanity are enormous, and in the coming years our lives are going to change dramatically.

To adapt to this future we are designing and developing our farm to operate without the need for fossil fuels and continually imported resources; to be resilient to the expected changes, and to support the regeneration of nature and human culture through our actions and attitudes.

We are embracing the wisdom and practices of our pre-industrial and indigenous ancestors, while making use of the last  few years of cheap energy and abundant information and resources to develop the infrastructure and system necessary to support life into the uncertainty of the future.

Our Team

Nick Adamson-Jones

Wanting a habitable planet to pass on to future generations, Nick moved to Salt Spring to help grow cultural and ecological regeneration on the island.  A student and practitioner of permaculture, Regenerative Ecological Agriculture and intentional community building; Nick (tries to) balance his time & energy between developing a homestead, farm and education center with his extended family, and working with the community to create relocalized resilience

Nomi Adamson

Nomi is our head gardener, leading the way in developing systems to nourish our soil, planting beyond organic food, and collecting seeds from all the best experiments. As a lifelong gardener, she is applying all her wisdom to bigger spaces with a 100' greenhouse to play in and various outdoor beds throughout the land. Integrating perennial and annual plantings, colour and variety is the spice of life in her creative gardens.


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